My most prominent skill is bead embroidery but as I say that, I know I must enjoy the process of every piece I have completed or it would not get done, no matter what the technique.

I bead in “the zone” — that is to say a meditative state.  I can bead almost any where as long as I am physically comfortable.  I have a studio that is dedicated to my art work, but I prefer to bead at the dining room table where I can have my music or TV and sometimes a cat in my lap.

I am inspired by almost anything that I find interesting enough to spend time with whether it is music, line, design, color or something that someone says.  I spend a lot of time with other artists that inspire and stimulate.  Humor is important in a friend; dullness, self-centeredness and negativity are a “put off”.

All that being said, the bottom line is that beading is, most times, an isolating (but not lonely) & inside job that comes from deep inside every artist’s heart.

To see more of my work, look at Beadwork magazine, October/November 2006 issue, article entitled “Drama Queen Cuff”, pages 84 & 85.

I also wrote the article about Bead International 2006/07, same issue,
pages 86-88.  Web site:

“Finishing the Doll” by Susana Oroyan, page 105   

Janet Kay has 4 dolls featured on the cover of “Designing the Doll” by Susanna Oroyan
Stupa Ring photos and directions are in the Oct/Nov 2008 issue of Beadwork magazine.